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One of the most favored types of patio bar furniture is rattan. It is mostly grown and harvested in tropical areas. If you’re wondering what it really is, it is some sort of vine that grows and clings to other trees. It has thorns that are removed along with its skin upon harvesting. The thicker the diameter of the rattan, the pricier it gets. Always maintain care of its appearance if you choose rattan furniture. It is best to use this in a covered patio.Quite a popular choice as well is wicker. It is a durable material made from hardened weaved plant fiber. It is usually woven around wood or aluminum or a metal frame to retain its shape and enforce strength. It works great outdoors and gives your patio bar that easy breezy laid back feeling. Combined with other materials, it can create a modern approach to a tropical patio theme. Best of all, it is inexpensive and versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.Teakwood is yet another great choice for a patio bar. Its resilience and unique grain makes it a popular material for outdoor furniture. Teakwood naturally resists rot and decay as well as insects. You can count on it to compliment any patio design and can give you a good life span of up to 75 years.If you’re looking for something a little more modern, cast aluminum patio bar sets can just rock that party because it’s lightweight and sturdy. It is made of molten aluminum that is poured into molds and then compressed to reflect the desired design. You can be sure of its durability and decorative modernist appeal and enjoy it outdoors as well as indoors. bar oakland park

Outdoor entertaining has never been just as good as it is now. Architects and designers have brought the party home with genius lay out plans and décor to create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering. Entertaining is an art and a skill, but great surroundings can just be your saving grace when the pepper encrusted seared tuna slices have run out.Most patios would like to exude the feel of being in a resort, and guests would just be totally drawn to this concept and linger on even when you want them to go home. Ha!Patio bars are a great addition to your outdoor grill and kitchen. It provides you with a converging area for guests to pour themselves their drinks and not let yourself worry too much about refilling their glasses. If you’re keen on adding a bar to your outdoor living space, choosing patio bar furniture that rocks can just add the oomph you’re looking for to create the perfect ambiance.Patio bar furniture would typically need bar stools, and a bar table. You can choose from many different styles that can suit your taste and blend into your décor or patio theme. Patios don’t always need to look like some Polynesian resort, or an exotic Asian hideaway with the usual rattan, wicker and wood. Patio bar furniture designs have now evolved into modern minimalist lines and materials. These can come in the form cast aluminum or stainless steel and metal. Shapes now vary as well with modern curves and dimensions that take on a whole new different appeal.

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