The Oppo A5S: Affordable High-End Mobile Phone

With its stylish and compact looks, the Oppo A5S would definitely fit in your fashion arsenal. The Oppo A5S boasts off an impressively large Waterdrop display which would enable you to view more clearly and enjoy superior technology with your smartphone. Featuring 13 MP with a 1.2 Mega pixel camera on the back, this smartphone would enable you to capture beautiful images, thanks to the bokeh effects mode. The camera on the Oppo A5S is also capable of changing modes, like from a short burst photo mode to a landscape mode, such as with the Efexo 690W. This amazing smartphone has stunning features that would allow you to enjoy superior performance.

When it comes to connectivity, the Oppo A5S comes with a USB Type-C port. The phone also features a headphone jack, a memory card slot for additional storage expansion, a SIM card slot and an advanced dual camera setup with an auto focus camera. Despite being one of the latest smartphones available in the market, it has notched up its success due to some impressive features and top-notch technology that have been added to it. For instance, the Oppo A5S runs on the Android OS 5.2, which is smooth, fluid and very functional. This mobile also offers users excellent entertainment features like high-definition video recording, true color image quality, and clear speech recognition, something that is absent from some of its counterparts. It is quite surprising that this handset runs on such a powerful operating system.

The Oppo A5S offers users a comprehensive connectivity suite, including a high speed cellular network (LTE), Wi-Fi access on two occasions, a built-in email client, a microSD slot for additional storage expansion, a reasonably powerful CPU and the rich media support for Android OS 5.2, allowing the use of almost all apps designed for high-end smartphones and tablets. Users can download and install most apps, which include popular games, music players and some social networking apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo. The Oppo A5S runs on a single 14 inch capacitive touch screen, and its aesthetics are quite sleek, giving it a unique appearance, though the text on the screen is a bit small. The phone comes with an intuitive user interface, which makes it easier for users to navigate.

The Oppo A5S’s features include a dual camera set up, namely a first-rate feature for business travelers and ordinary individuals alike, capable of capturing high quality images even in low light conditions. On the other hand, the Oppo A5S’s video recording ability is one of the best available on the smartphone market, letting users enjoy their videos for hours on end without having to worry about any slow-down. The phone also features an impressive Quick Panel, which lets users quickly switch between applications without having to press on the home button. This feature is especially useful when you are out travelling, as it allows you to use your smartphone’s GPS navigation features while still being able to view maps and call for help if needed. The Opo A5S’s battery, on the other hand, manages to last twice as long as the iPhone 5s, despite having the same mobile memory. It has two cell memory slots, allowing it to retain data for days even after the charge has been fully depleted.

The Oppo A5S has all the features that you would expect from a high-end smartphone, thanks to its high-quality display and touch screen technology, as well as the advanced internals. The two color screens in particular are great for bright outdoor use, as they allow the phone to be used more precisely than its predecessors, allowing for precise colors and minimal distortion. Despite having a large screen, the Oppo A5S’s design does not sacrifice overall clarity and readability, and the device offers decent viewing comfort thanks to its slightly curved edges and rounded corners.

Like many Oppo handsets, the A5S also comes with built-in MMS and e-mail functionality, as well as access to Google Maps for directions and other uses that the smartphone may require. The Opo A5S also offers support for a number of third party applications, including Google Play, and has a solid user interface, which is easy to navigate and use. It has a fairly large storage capacity compared to other leading smartphones, allowing for easy storage of music and videos. This, coupled with the fact that it runs on a single charge and has no external memory sources to plug into, makes the Oppo A5S a good choice for anyone looking for a high-end smartphone that has excellent performance for a very reasonable price. At just over two hundred dollars, the Oppo A5S is one of the most budget-friendly smartphones available in the market today.