Stephen Varanko III – Key Life Lessons of Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport across the world with tennis and football. In fact, even children love the sport, and their parents teach them at an early age. It is commonly played at the school levels, and you will find basketball facilities in all the cities in the USA. Even if you go back to your college or school days, you will find die-hard fans of school teams playing at the professional leagues too. If you play basketball, you are fortunate enough to learn several things.

Stephen Varanko III – Improve the quality of life with basketball

Stephen Varanko III from Baldwin, Maryland in the United States is a passionate sports aficionado. He is fond of basketball, football, and baseball. He was a former basketball varsity player and said that he had gained several precious life lessons while playing the game. In 2020, he launched a website on sports to share with his reader’s news and comeback stories of players, coaches, and professionals in the field of football, basketball, and baseball. His website became popular after its release, and he has plans to revamp a 2.0 version of the new site in 2021.

When it comes to basketball, he says the sport taught him the following life lessons that he wishes to share with everyone-

  1. Good practice will pay off always- If you want to become a good basketball player, you need to practice your motion daily. The more you practice, the better you will become at your playing skills. The same can also be said about life. If you wish to hone a skill, practice will make you perfect.
  2. Losing will teach you more lessons than winning- Winning is an incredible feeling; however, it is losing that will teach you more about yourself. The moment you lose, you should take a look at your strengths and weaknesses – these are the areas that will offer you the knowledge you need to know to improve. When you know what you need to improve on, this gives you a chance to score and perform better in your next game or endeavor in life.
  3. Playing with your team- Practicing your skills alone is not the same as playing with a team. In fact, when you play with a team, you get the opportunity to boost your communication skills, trust in others, and sense of fair competitiveness. You learn to play as a single unit, depending upon one another. All of the team members have a shared goal that will help you improve with each and every game. In life, you need to work and live with others. The same skills are needed to create harmony, love, and trust.

As per Stephen Varanko III you develop your social skills and sense of responsibility when you play together as a team. In fact, kids who are introduced to the basketball game early in life become well-balanced adults when they grow up. They are less likely to fall prey to addiction and bad habits. Basketball teaches them good habits and the importance of mental and physical fitness in the early stages of their lives; this is why parents should encourage their kids to play sports like basketball and not sit in front of the TV or computer screen playing animated video games all day long!