Mack Prioleau– An Insight into the Rules of American Football

American football is one of the most popular team sports in the United States. Throughout the country, youngsters play it whenever they get the opportunity as it is a thrilling and exciting pastime for them. Many of them even participate in professional league tournaments like the National Football League of NFL if they are exceptional players. These competitions attract the best players, and millions of spectators come to watch them play. However, this sport might seem overly difficult to follow for those who are new to it.

Mack Prioleau– Basic rules to follow

Mack Prioleau is a commercial real estate specialist from Dallas, Texas. He specializes in the development of new industrial estate and has years of valuable experience in this area. He even has an Economics and Corporate Strategy degree from Vanderbilt University. His hobbies include visiting new countries, surfing, and playing American football. He even has the honor of receiving the Vanderbilt Football 3.0 Club rewards and recognition.

He explains millions of people from around the globe watch American football. However, not all of them are not aware of its basic rules. These are as follows:

  • Two teams consisting of 11 players each play on a rectangular field for 3 hours and 12 minutes,
  • One of the teams are known as the ‘offense’ while the other is called the ‘defense,’
  • The length of the rectangular football pitch is 100 yards long, and the width is 60 yards,
  • The pitch has lines with a 10-yard interval between them up to the end zones,
  • The objective of the game is for the offense team to run with the ball up to their opponent’s end zone,
  • Each team has three rest intervals known as ‘time-out’ of 90 seconds duration per half.

How do the teams score points?

Teams participating in an American football game score touchdown of6 points in the following manner:

  • An offense team player runs with and places the ball up to the opponents’ end zone,
  • A player of the offense team catches the ball on, just above or even behind the opponent’s goal line,
  • The player places the ball on the opponent’s goal line after being brought down by a tackle, and
  • The player recovers a loose ball and subsequently places it on the opponent’s goal line.

The offense team can win a field goal of 3 points against their opponents. This occurs when one of the players kicks the ball between the two vertical goalposts on the final end-zone. However, the ball should not touch the ground or come in possession of his teammates before reaching this position. The defense team members that get two safety points tackle an offensive player with the ball on the goal line. Conversely, they can earn this point when this player commits a foul.

Mack Prioleau concludes by saying players who take part in premier league tournaments exhibit certain unique qualities. They have a strong teamwork ethic, which motivates them to improve their skills constantly. Most of them show the determination to overcome obstacles and win matches for their teams. They are eager to learn new tactics from their coaches to outplay their opponents. Moreover, they maintain a healthy regime that keeps them physically and mentally fit for life.