Lisa M. Cannon MD – An Insight into Modern Hospital Construction and Design

When it comes to mental and physical health, men and women of all ages should take care of themselves. Informed adults will be able to look after children and senior citizens too. There is a lot of online information, but one needs to visit medical facilities and hospitals for proper treatment. When it comes to modern construction and design trends, hospitals have come a long way than they were before, especially in the wake of the ongoing Pandemic.

Lisa M. Cannon MD is an accomplished and well-respected physician with over 15 years of invaluable medicine and healthcare experience. She has successfully established her private practice in Bergen County, located in New Jersey. She assists patients with their diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare management. She completed her graduation with a degree in the field of medicine from the New York Medical College. She received her fellowship in critical care, sleep medicine, and pulmonary healthcare from the esteemed Mount Sinai Hospital located in New York, USA.

Reassessments in the construction industry

When it comes to the ongoing coronavirus Pandemic, she says that things in the hospital construction industry have changed drastically. Interactions and the overall safety have undergone reassessments in the stipulations where patients and people visiting hospitals should be safe.

A transformation in hospital construction is the need of the hour

The hospitals are now constructed and designed to mitigate infectious diseases. They now need to create infrastructure targeted to upgrade projects. This involves creating HVAC units for heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation at the right places. They need to boost the medical and gas infrastructures as well to ensure that patients are safe from infections. There is a significant investment involved when it comes to making these changes, and professionals in the construction industry are now stepping in to make the changes possible.

Changes need to be made to facilities dealing with hospital supply chain management as well

Some changes are now being made to the supply chain management and its units. Modular solutions need to be considered, and this is possible with cross-training of skilled labor.  This, ofcourse, will not be possible in conventional sites of construction, and changes should be implemented here as well. The benefits of the above changes will also cover the reduction of waste, quality control, and the creation of environments for controlled construction. All of the above changes will create value of immense importance to the modern healthcare construction industry in the post-COVID-19 era.

Lisa M. Cannon MD also has a micro-site to educate and help patients when it comes to healthcare tips. She wants patients to live a happy and healthy life without infection and medicines. Besides offering valuable advice on diseases and medical care, she also offers recipes for healthy cooking. Her site has a photo gallery to motivate people to live happy and healthy lives with exercise, good food, and an attitude of staying away from anything that places their general health at risk!