How to Get the Best New York City Souvenirs According to Arlo SoHo Hotel NYC

Whether you call them souvenirs, mementos, tokens, or some other word, taking home a fun item is part of the New York City experience. At Arlo SoHo Hotel NYC we’re partial to the Yiddish term tchotchke which applies to both the free swag you might get at a conference as well as souvenirs.

If you’re hitting the major sights in the city, then you’ll encounter more gift shops than you can count. There’s Empire State Building snow globes and Statue of Liberty socks, and everything in between. Picking the right souvenir is tricky, because you want something that will spark conversation in the following years or decades when you want to remember your amazing NYC experience.

Within Grand Central Terminal you’ll find the New York Transit Museum Store, which offers an array of souvenirs and gifts. These include subway-decorated face masks, subway line t-shirts, various MetroCard-adorned items, and dozens of magnets. Each of these items brings a sense of adventure and style that will help you recall the sights and sounds of our city. Our staff at Arlo SoHo Hotel NYC frequently recommends guests purchase subway token jewelry at the store, which is an inexpensive way to remember your adventures.

For the gamer in your family, head to the Nintendo New York store, which features an amazing array of items from your favorite Nintendo characters. Grab a Super Mario hoodie or mug, or a NYC-themed Nintendo gift that will wow your friends back home.

With souvenirs, remember you don’t always have to grab something with design aesthetics from MoMA. Those gifts are fine, but it’s also great to pick up some “tacky yet fun” items. So, don’t be shy about going to Times Square and picking out a few of the ridiculous “Big Apple” or “City that Never Sleeps” souvenirs.