District and Officials at the Golden

The Highway and Transportation District and Officials at the Golden Gate Bridge pioneered the research of electronically operated toll gathering in the early 1970s, and made innumerable research and development till 1990. Afterwards State law passed requiring Caltrans to make specifications for all California bridges and toll roads together with the Golden Gate Bridge to have some kind of electronically operated toll crossing gadget available. This is when Caltrans had been checking the Fastrak electronically operated toll gathering gadget on two bridges for over two years. After a thorough research and completion of the Fastrak system, the districts passed contracts to develop and build a gadget which will be compatible with every bridge and toll crossings and roads.

Fastrak is now the one and only gadget that is used  Motiongate in Dubai all through the State of California for all toll bridges and roads. Motorist are required to register an account and obtain or purchase a Fastrak electronically operated gadget that is fixed inside the motor vehicle and the riders have to maintain their accounts updated with money or face citation violations for crossing the bridges or toll roads without adequate money. The success of the Fastrak has grown to several tens of thousands of vehicles each day using it to cross the bridges. Since the carpool lanes are limited to specific times, crowds back up throughout the time and riders are left behind the time schedule. Fastrak has supplied those lucky ones, the zing of crossing at anytime without having to wait and face the toll.

This doesn’t stop these commuters from crossing the bridges and getting a ticket in the mail to face their fees as the system recorded motorists’ device along with the date and time of the crossing and the picture of their vehicle and license plate. Fastrak violations have been an uptrend and so have the FasTrak fees. There are several ways to shell out for tickets which includes the FasTrak violations by paying the tickets on the internet at one company that has been around as long as Fastrak.


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