Cash For Clunkers Rip Off Alert

Thus, the vital question is not about how many car sales were already registered under the program, but how many cars have been sold all in all, either registered or awaiting to become. This is indeed the main issue after a conducted survey by NADA. The survey tells that approximately 25,000 deals have not yet been granted by NHTSA, which are about 13 sales per store (2,000 dealers). It becomes an issue that with more or less 23,000 dealers participating in the CARS program, car dealers might have already exceeded the 250,000 car sales financed by the $1 billion Cash for Clunker program. Cash For Cars Sydney

If the information is true, the program might not yet be suspended but is likely to happen anytime soon. The officials of the Transportation Department have been informing the dealers that the program may be suspended in due time. According to the White House, the program is not yet suspended, although options are being considered.

There are some options presented to lawmakers. The CARS programs could merely be proclaimed a victory and bring to an end: the purpose was to support car sales and if the funds run out within four days, well that could positively be a stimulus. One more option is to provide more funds for the CARS program.

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