An Overview of The Contour Facelift

No one can stop the aging process; however, it can be delayed with some surgical procedures like the facelift. As you age, the facial muscles and skin sag giving you a tired and older appearance. With a complete or a mini-facelift, you can regain your youthful appearance and confidence with success.

Understanding the contour facelift

With the contour facelift, you can refine the shape of your face again. The skin becomes tighter, and the contours of your face stand out like when you were younger. Several surgeons specialize in the contour facelift procedure. You should schedule an appointment with them for a personal consultation about the facelift procedure for your needs.

Outpatient procedure

The procedure is generally an outpatient one; however, your doctor might recommend an overnight stay in an accredited clinic if there is a complicated surgery involved. The procedure is performed with either IV sedation or anesthesia.

This procedure entails the surgeon making a very thin incision beginning at your temple that runs down to the front of your ear, wrapping the earlobe, and stopping at the back of your ear. This incision is generally made inside of your hairline so that visible scarring is concealed. Once these incisions are set in the correct place, the surgeon will separate your skin from the tissue underlying below. The doctor will excise the fatty tissue and skin that is not needed. The remaining muscles are later placed into a new position, and this makes the region tight. When the doctor attains the desired levels of correction, these incisions are sealed with very fine sutures, and bandages are applied to the area.

Mini facelift

Some patients might need a mini-facelift. Here, the procedure entails only a minor correction to the face, generally along the neckline, cheeks, and jowls. In this procedure, the surgeon generally makes three short incisions at the side of the face, above your ear, and at your temples. The doctor inserts a very small scalpel to remove the skin and fat that is not needed. The tissues under the skin are pulled to be made tight and taut. The surgeon later closes the incisions with sutures. This whole procedure generally takes about 90 minutes to complete and does not need an overnight stay in a hospital. It just needs about two to three days of recovery.

Choose a good surgeon

When you are going in for a facelift, ensure you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon. It is prudent to choose a Board- Certified Surgeon for getting the best results, even if you may have to pay more than a non-certified surgeon. Make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon so that you can undergo the facelift with peace of mind.

The recovery time period for a contour facelift on average is two to three weeks. Your doctor will monitor your progress when it comes to recovery and healing. Your first- follow-up appointment will generally be scheduled about 5 to 10 days post-surgery.